About ERG DynamicsTM

Employee Resource Groups are an Impactful Way to Foster 
Belonging and Inclusivity in the Workplace.

Welcome to ERG DynamicsTM!

ERG Dynamics is your go-to hub for Employee Resource Group leaders, members, and HR professionals to support the growth and development of sustainable employee networks at organizations.

ERGs are pivotal networks within organizations based on a common identity, demographic, and interest. This can include those interested in supporting a community as allies, as well as members of the community group itself.

The ERG Dynamics hub features:

A streamlined pathway for accessing ERG experts and services

Tools to support ERGs with their formation and optimization for effective and sustainable impact

Resources that include digital products to offer support for ERG leaders and members

A place to connect with other ERG, DEI, and HR community members

The Founder

Farzana Nayani

Farzana Nayani (she/hers), founder of ERG Dynamics, is a recognized Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion specialist, business and strategy coach, and international keynote speaker. She has worked with Fortune 500 corporations, public agencies, higher education institutions, school districts, and non-profit organizations as a consultant and trainer on diversity and inclusion, intercultural communication, supplier diversity, and employee engagement.  Farzana’s advisory work with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), small business advocacy, and entrepreneurship, and racial equity & inclusion has taken her to engagements across North America, from the White House to Silicon Valley. Farzana’s expertise has been featured in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, DiversityInc, Parents magazine, NPR, the Washington Post, Marie Claire, and the LA Times. Her book Raising Multiracial Children: Tools for Nurturing Identity in a Racialized World with North Atlantic Books was released in 2020 and her latest book The Power of Employee Resource Groups: How People Create Authentic Change with Berrett Koehler was released June 2022, both distributed by Penguin Random House. 
Farzana Nayani

Vision and Mission of ERG Dynamics


Our vision is to positively impact society for the greatest benefit to all, underscoring the upliftment of systemically excluded and historically marginalized groups. We fulfill this vision through offering compassion, knowledge, and expertise of practices and perspectives that work to support organizations most efficiently and effectively, for the greatest benefit for all.


The aim of ERG Dynamics is to energize and guide the building of relationships, strengthening of community, and creating an outcome where everyone thrives. In order to do this, we must examine where we are currently, and at the same time envision a future state that is indeed possible with concrete steps, steadfast leadership, authentic feedback, space for healing and reflection.


We support the values of authenticity, integrity, and equitable access throughout our work and educational offerings.

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