George P. Johnson

Learn how a marketing agency implemented change through a DEI annual event

Case Study: George P. Johnson VOICES ERG Event

George P. Johnson, a marketing company, hosts the VOICES event annually, with its third year taking place in 2023. The purpose of the event is to bring people together and create a sense of community. The event aims to share Employee Resource Group (ERG) content and conversations, as well as encourage people to get involved. This year’s event had over 250 attendees, in-person and virtually.


  • Seeking a speaker to elevate members of ERGs and champion their ability to create a sense of community

Scope of Work

  • Creation and delivery of an in-person and virtual keynote with a goal of 250 total attendees
  • Provide specific takeaways on ERG strategies on how to:
    • Engage members
    • Create impact within the company 
    • Create impact with their communities
    • Develop an environment for connection and belonging between ERG leaders 
    • How to create similar environments with their own ERGs


The Farzana Nayani team presented a keynote address at the VOICES event called “Creating impact with ERGs.” In this presentation, Farzana provided ways for ERG leaders to engage ERG members as well as frameworks on how ERGs can create impact within the company and with their communities. Also included was a discussion on how to champion connection and belonging between ERG leaders and how to cultivate this type of environment within their own ERGs.


The VOICES event provided George P. Johnson’s employees with tools and strategies to create impactful and connected ERGs. The event was well-received and provided attendees with a greater sense of community within their organization.