LA Family Housing

Find out how a local housing nonprofit implemented a multi-step approach to their DEI goals 

Case Study: LA Family Housing (LAFH) 

The non-profit agency, LA Family Housing (LAFH), sought to implement DEI HR policies and create a more inclusive workplace culture. To achieve this, they enlisted the help of Farzana Nayani’s team to conduct agency-wide surveys, listening sessions, and affinity groups. The team also provided executive coaching sessions and department consulting on how to create sustainable DEI change.


  • Seeking methods to implement DEI HR policies
  • Desiring to create a more inclusive workplace culture for an organization with diverse staff and employees 
  • Providing DEI-focused trainings agency-wide 
  • Capturing the equity- and diversity-needs of all-staff and strategies on how to provide support

Scope of Work

  • Conduct agency-wide DEI Climate survey
  • Lead listening sessions for all-staff and executive leadership
  • Provide an agency-wide training series
  • Conduct  climate survey and listening session data analysis
  • Revised the Employee Handbook with a DEI lens
  • Created communication strategy with a DEI lens
  • Led CEO and C-suite executive coaching
  • Directed onboarding of DEI Director
  • Provided two training series for all-staff and managers


  • Provided two DEI-focused training series for all-staff and managers, resulting in 10 trainings total
  • Created affinity groups within the agency
  • Provided IDI assessments to C-suite executives along with coaching
  • Initiated collaborative marketing efforts and built sustainable strategies for the department


  • Distributed and analyzed 400+ DEI Climate survey results
  • 100% adoption of heritage month recognition and creation of heritage month planning groups open to all staff members
  • Updated and revised HR policies and employee handbook
  • Improved workplace culture and increased inclusivity
  • Provided strategies to address compensation, hiring, recruitment, and retention
  • Implemented 4 affinity groups within the agency
  • Presented data findings to all C-suite executives, managers, and all-staff
  • Increased agency-wide cultural events by 400%
  • Hired and onboarded a DEI Director within the agency to carry on DEI-focused tasks

The partnership with Farzana Nayani’s team resulted in the implementation of tangible DEI changes at LAFH, including new HR policies, agency-wide trainings, and the creation of affinity groups. These changes have contributed to a more inclusive workplace culture and a greater sense of community within the organization.