Walter P Moore

Learn how an engineering company gained buy-in from key stakeholders

Case Study: Walter P Moore 

The engineering company, Walter P. Moore, needed support on ways to improve their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) approach. They sought company-wide buy-in from key stakeholders and leadership on implementing DEI practices across the firm. The Farzana Nayani team was enlisted to provide guidance, strategies, and support on how to gain this buy-in and influence a firm-wide shift.


  • Improve diversity, equity, and inclusion company-wide and gain buy-in from key stakeholders and leadership

Scope of Work

The Farzana Nayani, Training & Consulting team distributed a company-wide DEI climate survey and conducted 4 focus groups across the company to target various populations and assess their needs.

  • Distributed a company-wide DEI climate survey and held focus groups for qualitative feedback
  • Supported and advised the DEI Council on how to implement their initiatives and gain stakeholder buy-in
  • Presented survey findings and strategies to firm stakeholders
  • Increased buy-in from board member stakeholders to support DEI initiatives company-wide


The Farzana Nayani team distributed a quantitative and qualitative DEI climate survey to the entire firm, along with four focus groups to gain confidential insight on DEI needs from various levels and demographics of Walter P. Moore employees. Based on the findings, the team created an analysis and presented it to various stakeholders, including the DEI council, executive leadership, the board, all-staff, and the CEO.

The results of the survey and focus groups were analyzed to provide strategic recommendations to implement company-wide. The team also led Walter P Moore’s first DEI Council Retreat, where they provided introspective identity activities, a deep analysis on key stakeholders to support their DEI initiatives, and tools to strategize and prioritize the areas in which they would like to create a positive impact.


The partnership with Farzana Nayani’s team resulted in a successful implementation of DEI initiatives at Walter P. Moore, with increased buy-in from key stakeholders and leadership. More than 400 employees responded to the survey, which is 50% of the firm’s employee population. The team provided strategic recommendations based on findings from a company-wide survey and focus groups, as well as guidance for leadership to support their DEI initiatives. The result was strategic implementation of the recommendations by the CEO and DEI Council to create a more inclusive workplace culture and a greater sense of community within the firm. The firm’s first DEI Commitment Statement was made in collaboration with the DEI Council and adopted by the firm.