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Develop Your Employee Resource Group

Are you looking to advance your employee resource group? Feeling stuck in your current operations or approach?
Let us help you with the next step in your developing your employee resource group!

We will utilize our ERG Coaching Model to take you through thought processes, interactive exercises.

Our roster of experienced ERG coaches your ERG plan, and can help guide on specific topics such as budgeting, increase membership, and accessing opportunities to communicate your message and engage key stakeholders.

Contact us today to help design and implement the ERG coaching experience for your group.

ERG Coaching Formats

Small group coaching for ERG leaders

Individual coaching for
ERG leaders

Open Q&A for multiple
ERG leaders

Customized format to support your ERG


  • Consulting is a comprehensive service that can include trainings, coaching, development of strategic plans, etc. Because it is customized to the client’s needs, coaching may not be a part that is needed to address the organization’s need.
  • Coaching is a specific method that can be used to support individuals within the organization. It focuses on how individuals or small groups of individuals can reflect on and improve their own efforts in relation to the organization as a whole. It is focused on guiding the individual or small group to the discovery of solutions or approaches that can be found within the organization already, and through expanding imaginative possibility by overcoming barriers.

We offer coaching for ERG members as well as organizational and ERG leaders. We highly recommend leaders and sponsors to have coaching along with members to ensure they are effectively leveraging their position to advocate for the group.

It depends! Some participants refer weekly, others biweekly or monthly. We can determine this together.

No less than 24 hours in advance. Anything later may result in a charge for the scheduled session.

You may, depending on the agreement you and your coach have come to. All assignments will be applicable to your current experiences and will assist you on your ERG journey.

Coaching is available virtually.

Coaching can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour per session.

Yes! We offer group coaching for ERG leaders, as well as ERG sponsors.

If you are having doubts in your decision-making or feeling stuck within your role, coaching may be the best option. We want to build up your confidence and trust to lead your ERG to be the most impactful it can be.

Yes! Our team consists of experts to support HR and DEI leadership roles.

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