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Successful ERGs

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Leverage proven expertise to make your ERG a success. Learn to launch an effective ERG plan tied to key DEI objectives, share your message, engage your people, and overcome challenges.

Starting or growing your ERG? Read this article that offers tips from Farzana Nayani’s book: The Power of Employee Resource Groups: Tools for Creating Authentic Change.

Need help with supporting your ERG, from formation or to continue the development of groups at your organization?

5 P’s Approach

Our 5 P’s Approach to forming and operating ERGs is a proven strategy for creating sustainable and impactful employee networks.
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What is the key purpose of your ERG?


Who are your key stakeholders?


What processes are already in place?


What events and activities have you planned or could you plan?


What are your ERG’s priorities?

Book Cover - The power of Employee Resource Groups

Starting or growing your ERG?

Read this article that offers tips from Farzana Nayani’s book: The Power of Employee Resource Groups: Tools for Creating Authentic Change


Our consulting services vary per client. We truly believe in personalizing our strategies and recommendations to each client’s specific needs. Our services can range from reviewing, creating, and/or assisting with implementing an organization’s ERG strategy to supporting the organization’s and ERG’s leaders with ERG strategic efforts. We also work to co-create solutions with the client to foster long term sustainability. This is a very customized experience!

Consulting is a comprehensive service that is perfect for situations that require a variety of support to solve. As you review the needs of your organization, consider how many departments, people, roles, and ERGs are impacted by the need. In addition, consider the desired scale of change.

If the need and potential solution impact a variety of people, has multiple layers to achieving the desired change, and takes dedicated time to accomplish it, consulting would be a great avenue to help streamline and support the solutions process. The first step is to determine if your organization is ready and has willing leaders to steward the effort.

The length of engagement varies per client. There are a variety of factors that are considered to determine the length of engagement such as the depth of the need and the depth of the solution. The estimated length of engagement is discussed in more detail during the initial interest conversations. 

We uphold the belief that our clients are our partners. As partners, we spend quality time working to understand and unpack the need. It’s important for us to be fully immersed and knowledgeable about the organization’s structure, culture, strengths, and needs, which allows us to develop strategies and recommendations to create impact within your org. To find out more, contact us.

    • Consulting is a comprehensive service that can include trainings, coaching, development of strategic plans, etc. Because it is customized to the client’s needs, coaching may not be a part that is needed to address the organization’s need. 
    • Coaching is a specific avenue that can be used to support individuals within the organization. It focuses on how individuals or small groups of individuals can reflect on and improve their own efforts in relation to the organization as a whole.

Consulting provides the support, insight, and guidance to make systemic impact across an entire organization. It can help realign and improve internal systems, strengthen collaborative relationships with internal/external stakeholders, and address the needs and desires of the employees looking to create equitable and inclusive spaces. 

This depends on the needs and the size of the organization. Our team usually leans toward having 1 to 2 consultants as project leads to ask in-depth questions and co-collaborate on solutions, and additional supporting consultants as facilitators or specialists depending upon the project need.

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