Our experts can help your ERG members improve how they work together, identify and solve problems, make decisions, and handle conflict.
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Helping Your ERG

Do you need help moderating a discussion within your ERG?
Do you need to establish common ground to get tasks done?
We can help your ERG with discussions to support you making cohesive decisions that are best for your ERG and ensure that all voices are heard.

All sessions can be done in person or virtually.

We also offer facilitation on the topics of:

  • Identity & Authenticity
  • Imposter syndrome / Imposter phenomenon
  • Addressing microaggressions
  • Supporting mental health and wellness
  • Holding space for tragedy and healing

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Facilitation Formats

We offer facilitation in the following formats

Large group

Small group

Keynote or Plenary session with breakout groups

A customized experience
for your group


Having a facilitator in the room allows for mediation on discussion and an opportunity to ask more in-depth questions on the content being presented. It also allows more guidance while brainstorming as a group.

If you have a workshop in mind or need a space to discuss about ERG-wide issues, this may be the best fit. It is also appropriate if you have things your leadership team needs to learn about to create a greater impact on your ERG.

We usually limit a facilitated session to 50 attendees to ensure that participants have the best learning experience possible.

Yes, the facilitated experience can be recorded and shared with registered participants that were unable to make the live facilitated session.

The facilitated experience can be designed for one specific ERG and/or it can include multiple ERGs in the organization.

A keynote is a presentation focused on a specific topic with minimal audience participation. Its purpose is to provide impactful and transformative information in a short period of time. A facilitated session takes a keynote further by including significant time for audience participation and collaboration. Oftentimes, the facilitated session will have elements of a keynote, and it will also provide opportunities for participants to engage in reflection activities, colleague conversations, and collaborative team planning.

1-2 hours. Sessions that are longer are possible and would include built in breaks to combat in-person or virtual fatigue.

Almost always, no. We want you to show up as your full self ready to engage and ask questions!

We usually like to have 2 facilitators, especially for larger group sizes to maximize engagement time and allow for varying perspectives and experience on content.

Absolutely! We can customize your facilitation needs based on what your team is looking for. Please contact us to schedule an intake.

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